About Us


Lizzie Bay Logging Ltd. has partnerships with First Nation Groups in the following communities:

  • Lil’wat
  • Douglas
  • Samahquam
  • Skatin

The goal of these partnerships is to create infrastructure for the future while recognizing local culture and values.  Our objectives include ongoing skills training, creating meaningful long term employment opportunities.

Lizzie Bay Logging Ltd. has the ability and resources to secure a variety of integrated natural resource construction services such as:


  • Project Management Consulting
  • Timber Clearing and Preparation
  • Heavy Excavation, Earth Moving
  • Water Management & Structure Installation
  • Aggregate Production Product Hauling
  • Civil & Utilities Design & Installation
  • Hydro Distribution Line Design & Installation
  • In-Stream Works
  • Road Maintenance, i.e. Water Management, Culverts, Grading, Dust Control, Brush Control, Bridge Design, Installation and Maintenance, Traffic Control


  • Forest Licence Development, Planning and Engineering
  • Able to Provide All Phases of Timber Harvesting
  • Road Construction, Log Hauling
  • Timber Marketing, Sales & Purchasing
  • Post-Harvest Silviculture, Treatments, Tree Planting, Brushing


  •  In 2015 completed construction and installation of Eco Depots in the communities of Skatin, Samahquam and Tipella.  These are recycling drop-off depots for paper plastic, cardboard, aluminum, tin, glass and styrofoam. 
  • Awarded in 2007, the contract is ongoing for Ministry of Forests maintenance of the 130km In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service road from Highway 99 to Harrison Lake.  As the contract is for 12 months a year, it includes snow plowing which involves deployment of graders and sand trucks.
  • Completed work in 2009 for Peter Kiewit & Sons.  This contract involved gravel and aggregate production and excavation for the Harrison Power Project.
  • Transmission line clearing was done for the majority of the Upper Lillooet River projects including clearing on Douglas First Nation Territory.  This work included building access roads and a portion of distribution structures.
  • Contract for a fish-restoration project creating a fish habitat in Douglas First Nation Territory-Tipella. 
  • Completed a number of Ministry of Forests road and construction projects as well as many road upgrades on the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road.